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Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Pink eye is an infection or an inflammation which affects the membrane of the eyelid as well as a part of the eye ball itself.   During the inflammation the blood vessels in the eye ball become more noticeable.  The reddish tint in the white of the eyes is caused by inflamed blood vessels.  The condition does not affect vision (if do it maybe perform by lasik) and is merely an itchy discomfort.  These membranes in the eye react to a variety of bacteria, viruses, and allergens, irritants, and can also be signs of greater diseases in the body.  Viral and bacterial forms of pink eye are pretty common for kids, but they can occur in adults too.

Pink Eye is a highly contagious as a viral infection, which in most cases spreads to the other eye.  It is very important to clean debris from your eyes with a clean wash cloth, make sure to use a different cloth for each eye.   Use natural tears to keep the eyes moist and help relieve the itchy dryness.  DO NOT touch the tip to your eye or skin.   Again, Wash your hands frequently to protect other members of your family, and friends.  The pink eye should subside in about a week, if you see no improvement consult an eye doctor.

Stay away from any eye makeup, facial creams, and the use of contact lenses.  This can irritate and assist in the spreading of the infection.

There isn’t much in the way of home remedies for pink eye, beyond a warm compress using clean towels.  Natural tear drops will help with the itchy dryness.  The most important thing is to keep your eye and the home clean.  Use disinfection on countertops and sinks on a continual basis.   The best home remedy is to prevent the problem from spreading and wait about a week.  If you want quicker relief, you’ll need to see the doctor.

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