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How to Pick Porcelain Dishes

Porcelain makes for an elegant dinnerware set. According to Gracious Style, it may consist of 50% China clay, 25% feldspar and 25% quartz. There are many different porcelain sets from which to choose and a number of considerations that you should use when making this decision.

First, think about the design you want on your dinnerware set. Many people choose a simple white because it is elegant, allows food to stand out and goes with any decor. You will find simple and elegant designs, as well as bold and bright designs. You might want something that matches the decor of your dining room; however, if you change it often, then look for something that is versatile. You might want something that will last a long time in a classic style that will not become outdated. You should also think about the colors.

It may be important to you to have porcelain that you can wash in the dishwasher. This is especially so if you will be using it as an everyday set and not just for special occasions. Many types of porcelain dinner sets are washable in the dishwasher, but the ones that have golden accents might not be. If this is important to you, then check the sets you are considering.

You may want dishes you can microwave. Again, some sets allow for this while others don’t; and often it is the accents that make the difference.

You also want to look at the shape and size of the dishes in the sets. You may want larger or smaller plates, for instance. Think about how much room you have and how big you want the dishes to be.

Some sets allow for personalization. For instance, you may be able to get a monogram on a set. If this is important for you, look at a set that offers it.

You also want to consider price. Some sets are far more expensive than others. Sometimes it is because of a brand name and sometimes it is the quality, but just because something is more does not mean it is better; and just because something is less does not mean that it is worse. Price around if you are budget conscious.

You should also consider how the sets are arranged. Sometimes they will offer an extended set that also has serving pieces. Also, sets differ in how many serving and related pieces that they offer. If it is important to you to have these related pieces, look for a set that offers them.

You also may want to consider durability. Of course, all porcelain dinnerware is fragile to some extent, but some pieces are thicker or thinner than others. You can usually tell by handling them which ones might be slightly more durable, which may be important for you.

There are many different things to consider when purchasing a porcelain dinner set. Look around at everything that is offered to find the set that will best suit you.