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Oster Professional Series Blender

The Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender is what is known as a bar blender.  A bar blender is a commercial quality blender that caters specifically to making frozen drinks without chunks of ice leftover as well as making fresh fruit smoothies without getting stuck halfway through or burning up the motor after a few drinks.  Most of you that make fresh fruit smoothies know the burning smell a cheap non-commercial style blender gives off after a few smoothies.  There are a few reasons cheap blenders simply cannot compete with a blender like this one.  I’m going to go into each and also tell you why the Oster Professional Series Blender is a better choice.

1.) Power…  The main reason is that they simply do not have enough power to muscle their way through your ingredients properly.   The Oster Professional Series Blender has ½ horsepower.  It’s one of the few blenders powerful enough to be measured in horsepower and not watts.  It should have no trouble making frozen drinks and smoothies without bogging down or damaging the motor.  This blender features the most powerful Oster motor available.

2.) Design… A lot of blenders have an issue with ingredients getting stuck and you have to open them up, take a spoon or some other object and shove the ingredients down towards the blades.  This blender doesn’t have that issue either thanks to its superior and patented beehive design which forces ingredients down into the blades using centrifugal force.

3.) Quality… It has a die cast base with a fingerprint resistant finish.  The Oster Professional Series Blender will outlast other blender because it also features an all metal drive system compared to the plastic components used by less reliable blenders.

4.) Price… Even at the $169.99 list price this blender is a good deal, but you can frequently find it cheaper which makes it an even better deal.  For the price, it’s the best blender on the marker bar none.

5.) Warranty… 1-Year? No, not with this blender; try a three year warranty.  I told you it was built to last.  The warranty proves that.  Most blenders in this price range and quite a few at even higher price points only come with a one year warranty while the Oster Professional Series Blender comes with a 3-year warranty from Oster.