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Sñow cooked lamb shanks

Lamb shanks that have been cooked slowly will melt in your mouth. Lamb has a unique flavour. Lamb shanks that have been cooked in a crock pot or a slow cooker will gather all of the flavour from the bone and the vegetables that join them in the pot. Slow cookers are heaven sent if you have a hectic schedule and you struggle to find time to produce freshly cooked food. Using a slow cooker does mean that you have to leave the small appliance switched on when you are at work but this is considered safe practise.

To serve four people you will need

four lamb shanks.

A dash of Olive oil,

Two red onions, sliced into rings,

Two cloves of crushed garlic,

Herbs and spices of your choice,


One pint/20 fluid ounces of stock, preferably homemade,

One tin of good quality chopped tomatoes,


Put a spot of Olive oil into the frying pan.

Season the lamb shanks and rub them over with the crushed garlic.

Brown them off in the hot Olive oil.

Place the browned lamb shanks into the crock pot/slow cooker.

Lay the sliced onions on top of the lamb shanks.

Add the herbs and spices that you have chosen.

Add the tinned tomatoes to the crock pot.

Last of all add the pint of homemade stock.

Put the lid onto the slow cooker and let it heat up. Once the lamb shanks have been cooking on a high heat for 15 minutes then turn the temperature right down low. The lamb shanks need to be cooked for a long time over a very slow heat. The longer and slower they cook the more tender the lamb will be.

The lamb shanks will cook in the herbs, spices, onions and tomatoes for six or seven hours without coming to any harm. The lamb shanks will drink in the different flavours and after six or seven hours in a slow cooker the lamb should fall away from the bone. The herbs, spices, vegetables and stock will have reduced during the cooking period. The remaining juices may be thick enough to pour over the top of the tender lamb shanks or you may prefer to thicken it a little using some plain flour or corn flour.

Serve the lamb shanks with some Colcannon mash and seasonal vegetables. A delicious and nutritious meal for all of the family to enjoy.