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Which Blender is best for you

Today’€™s blenders are not the same blender that your mother or grandmother used. They offer many more features and can be used to do many more things. When it comes time to buy a new blender there are several things you should consider.


What exactly do you plan to do with your blender? Will you be making milkshakes or smoothies?  Do you want it to be able to crush ice? Make a hot or cold soup? Chop, puree, liquefy or emulsify? How you answer this question will determine what you need in a blender and which exact blender will help you to do the jobs that you want to do.


Not all blenders are created equal. There are many different sizes of motors and containers. When deciding the size it is important to consider again what you plan to use it for and also where you are going to store it. Believe it or not, not all containers will fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. While this is something that may not concern you if you have a separate pantry where you store small appliances, it you plan to keep your blender on your counter top, chances are you want it to be against the wall so it need to fit under the cabinet.


There are some things that you may want to do with a blender that require a more powerful motor than others. Consider this carefully and to be safe, go just a little more powerful than you think you may need.

Container material

Containers come in three general materials, plastic, glass and stainless steel. Plastic is not a bad choice since it is light and the least expensive but it can be scratched overtime by being washed in the dishwasher. If you opt to go with the least expensive option, hand washing the container will keep it from getting foggy. Glass is a good choice but it breaks easier than plastic and it can crack if it is taken from very cold to very hot. The most durable is stainless steel but since you can’t see the contents without opening the top of the blender which gets to be a drag. It is also the most expensive.


Price is almost always a consideration and let’€™s face it, buying a blender is no exception. First, don’€™t buy a machine with features you will never use. Get the biggest size you will ever need. Choose the material and power that works best for your life and then shop the sales. Blenders come in so many styles, sizes and prices, anywhere from $30 to hundreds of dollars.

Once you have considered all the important factors it is time to start to look at the brands that are available. One last thing to do is to look at reviews of any blenders you are considering to see what people are saying. Consumer Reports is always a good place to start.